5 lb Bag of Seconds
Abide Climbing Holds

5 lb Bag of Seconds

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Come one, come all. Get your free range, certified 99% lean, inorganic, gluten free seconds!

Grab Bags are a mix of brand new holds that might have minor cosmetic quirks, lightly used holds from our test wall, old designs, and one of a kind top secret experiments.

Now Mr. Abide, what are seconds? Well, let me tell you. Seconds are a climbing holds that have some minor cosmetic defect such as swirled colors, a slight sanding issue, incorrect color matching, or if you're lucky, nothing will be quirky at all! They are the exciting byproduct of manufacturing! 

But are they safe to climb on, say for my home gym? ABSOLUTELY! We often use seconds for product testing and our own shenanigans, so no need to worry!

Now, what comes in these grab bags? A mixture of whatever we have on hand. This could include hand holds, foot holds, secret government experiments, or old designs.


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