43 Screw On Combo


An excellent selection of screw on holds to start your wall or fill in the gaps. 43 screw on Abide Climbing Holds from tiny foot jibs to small jugs. The 22 foot holds have a variety of angles and depths to provide a range of options. 11 crimps ranging from barely a half of a pad to a comfortable full pad with different angles on the contact surface for added versatility. 10 small jugs that are surprisingly positive for their size, some feel almost like a medium jug.

Dimensions (approx) Hardware
10 Small Screw on Jugs
3"x2.5"x1.75" (average size) 30 x 1 ⅝ inch screws
11 Small Screw on Crimps
3"x2"x1" (average size) 30 x 1 ⅝ inch screws
22 Screw on Foot Holds
1.5"x1.25"x.5" - 2.75"x2.5"x1.25" 54 x 1 ⅝ inch screws

*colors may vary from picture shown