1 XXXL Slasher Sloper


This XXXL sloper offers a dynamic design. With each 90 degree turn you change the game completely. Angle one, a flat top with an indented lip, on the left side you are provided with a rounded yet positive crimp. Turning clockwise, angle two will offer two rounded positive crimps a little more than a pad deep, three fingers for the right and four for the left. Angle three is possibly the most negative angle on the hold offering a sloping side pull 1 ½ pads on the index finger to just under a pad at the pinky. Our final angle is a killer open handed pinch with a solid thumb catch but none the less a negative angle. This Slasher XXXL sloper is a must have any way you twist it.

 Dimensions (approximate) Suggested Hardware
10.5"x9.5"x5" 1 x 3" Bolt